It's Your Career, Own It!


Agent Ownership

Agent Ownership

You Are A Part-Owner in the Brokerage!

eXp Realty broker owners are working together to build businesses, build and enhance brands, increase profitability, reduce overhead and risk, and achieve bold career and life goals.

Unlimited Growth Potential
Grow your brand while taking more money home. Are you part of a husband-wife Real Estate team? One Low Cap. Working with a team? One Low Cap. Become part of the “easy to get to a true 100%+” model like eXp agents do every day.

Keep More Money
In any economy we all want to keep more of our hard earned money. Have you done the real math on how much of your commission check you take home? eXp Realty has a simple 80/20 split until you reach the international cap of $16,000. After that agents take home 100% minus some transaction and technology fees. But the low cap is not the best part of this model…

Multiple Revenue Streams
Leverage your brand across all of your lead opportunities. Buyers know your brand. Sellers know your brand. Agents know your brand. Why not earn income from all three? eXp agents do it every day. eXp Realty has the most aggressive revenue sharing program in the industry. Agents get rewarded by sharing in the company revenues when they help grow the company.

Building A Career that Will Expand

No matter what level of production, every agent has the opportunity to build a career arc that starts with individual productivity, leads to building a team, includes building your brokerage, and features scalability and expansion. At eXp Realty we have the ability to build a business within a business. Finally, it ends with exponential earnings.

Exit Strategy
No end in sight? Worried you’ll be working the rest of your life? There are solutions, from equity in a public company to sharing in the success of your team. It’s all waiting for you.

The Final Question

Does Your Brokerage Offer…

  • 80% to 100% Plus Commissions? Our forward-thinking model eliminates the costs of the century old bricks-and-sticks brokerage model. No royalty, franchise, or desk fees. That money goes back into the pockets of agents.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams? eXp Realty has the industry’s most aggressive revenue sharing model. Revenue…not profit. Attract like-minded agents to the company; build your business and your retirement.
  • Opportunities for Ownership? This is a company owned by agents. Unique to the real estate industry, agents and brokers have the opportunity to become shareholders and partners in eXp Realty’s collective success.