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Cloud Office

Cloud Office

Anytime, Anywhere Work Environment

Virtual companies and virtual jobs are becoming more popular than ever before. Mobility is the coveted word of the 21st century. The coveted phrase is quality of life. You can have both. Spend less time on the road and more time with your family and doing the things you enjoy.

We like the idea of a “distributed” work environment rather than a “remote” one. Even though we don’t work in the same location, we’re always collaborating and don’t feel “remote” from one another! Virtual companies are very real, and becoming more popular than ever.

Work from Anywhere
Closing a transaction from Hawaii? Participating in a business planning session from Rome? Negotiating a contract from a Costa Rica beach? Our agents have done all of these! It’s part of our agent-centric model.

Scaling Services

The virtual aspect of our cloud offices allows support staff to work from any location too. This creates a great opportunity to scale services, thereby saving money for the company…money that goes back to the agent-owners.

Increased Service Hours

With service staff located from coast to coast, agents enjoy extended hours of assistance. Got a settlement at 5 pm on the East Coast? There is someone on the West Coast there to help you at 2 pm local time.

Flexible Meetings

When you need to meet with your team, or your state leadership, just sign in to the cloud office from any location. No need to drive to the office in rush hour. Save time and hassle. Every day can be casual Friday!

A Truly Green Office

Just think of the savings in travel, where and tear on your vehicle, and the additional impact on the environment. Better quality of life on every level.

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