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eXp Realty Has An Agent Advisory Board

In the words of eXp Realty President Jason Gesing:

“When we made the decision to become a public company in 2013 in order to achieve an industry first – a publicly-traded real estate brokerage where the agents and brokers of the brokerage were also its shareholders – a fundamental pillar in the principle of ownership was a commitment to value the “voice of the agent.”

…Thanks to your efforts and your faith in what it is we’re working to achieve, we have built a foundation for a company that we believe will succeed consistently over the long term – in a variety of market conditions, through the continued evolution of consumer behaviors, and as our team grows and develops at all levels of the organization. Change is inevitable. The voice of the agent however is, and should always remain, fundamental to the organization. As a result, we have taken steps to further our commitment to the voice of the agent which prompts this message and invitation.

We are very proud to announce the establishment of the eXp Agent Advisory Council, effective May 1, 2017.

The eXp Agent Advisory Council will be comprised of 12 members, representing the diversity of important “agent” voices, including the following: 4 capping agents; 2 Mega Agents; 1 Regional Leadership Broker (more to come on this soon); 1 State Administrative Broker; 2 Mega Icon Team Agents; and, 2 significant agent attractors.

Most importantly, the eXp Agent Advisory Council will have an important voice in the direction of the Company at the highest levels. Two members of the Council will join the Board of Directors, adding strong agent voices which are vital to a the continuing success  of the Company. We look forward to the ongoing and lasting contributions of this new body as we enhance the “voice of the agent” and its important role in determining the future direction of the company we all own together.”

Press Release: eXp World Holdings, Inc. Names Two Real Estate Agents to Board of Directors

About Chris Highland

Chris Highland is an agent with eXp Realty in Maryland. Chris has over 28 years of experience in residential real estate sales in Central Maryland. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. He is happy to answer any questions about eXp Realty. Chris Highland is an independent contractor of eXp Realty and this is not an official release of eXp Realty, its parent eXp World Holdings, Inc. or any related subsidiary.


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