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eXp Realty Core Value of Fun

eXp Realty Core Value of Fun

Of the nine core values at eXp Realty, one that continues to delight me is the core value of FUN. Most companies I’ve been involved with overlook this very basic human need. We really do need to enjoy our days, as much as possible.

Here in eXp World, as well as at our live events, the Spring Shareholders Conference, and the Fall eXp Convention, Fun is baked into everything we do. During the holiday season, eXp World is decked out in festive holiday additions.

We have snow falling all day, a huge Christmas tree in the center of the campus, and snowmen dotting the campus everywhere you go. It certainly brightens the campus!

eXp Core Values

We have three “Big” Core Values that guide our business principles and actions: Community, Sustainability, and Service.

Under these three we have six Cultural Values that follow very naturally: Collaboration, Transparency, Innovation, Integrity, Agile, and, to my delight, Fun. 

Created together with agents and staff, our nine core values are beliefs that support our vision and shape our culture — both professionally and personally. We use these core values every day to stay aligned.

exp realty core values
eXp Realty Core Values

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