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EXP Realty Maryland Announces Appointment of Lisa Lowe as the State Broker!

Lisa Lowe joins the leadership staff eXp Realty in Maryland, one of the fastest growing companies in the state. Lisa will serve as the State Broker of Maryland and the Broker of Washington D.C. Lisa brings a wealth of experience in brokerage operations, receiving her initial training from a real estate attorney. She spent 10 years in compliance review for multiple states and for the District of Columbia, as well as three years as a broker for several Keller Williams offices in Maryland. Lisa Low Assistant State Administrative Broker

“I’m ecstatic about the opportunity to work with such a progressive company,” says Lisa Lowe. “There are so many differences between eXp Realty and traditional companies, not the least of which is the flexibility it gives me. I can work from my own home office because of the cloud office environment. I have extensive resources at the click of a mouse, that will enable me to provide the most progressive brokerage services to our agent-owners.”

With a focus on innovation, eXp Realty is changing the way that agents, brokers and consumers work together. eXp Realty’s virtual office environment compared to the traditional real estate office allows agents to collaborate and learn together — no matter where they might be located. The additional benefits of revenue share and stock ownership potential make a compelling reason for agents to learn more about the company, and may be a strong reason for the company’s nearly 400% growth in Maryland this year.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Lisa, whom I’ve known over a decade”, says Chris Highland, former Maryland Broker for eXp Realty. “She comes to our company with a desire for excellence in all she does, whether it’s serving agents or consumers. Her skills and experience reflect that value, which is vital and valuable in our industry today.”

Lisa resides in Ellicott City, with her husband Robert Lowe, who is also a real estate agent with eXp Realty. “This grandma of 14 is on the cutting edge of real estate technology and loving the journey!” exclaims Lisa.

We’re so glad to hear it, because our eXp Realty Maryland agents are happy you’re here. 

Disclaimer: This is not an official communication from eXp World Holdings, or it’s subsidiaries. Chris Highland is an independent contractor with eXp Realty.

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