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EXP Realty is a Top Mover on Real Trends 500

EXP Realty is a Top Mover on Real Trends 500

eXp ranks No. 1 & No. 2 in Transactions & Volume in REAL Trends 500

  • #1 Top Movers: Transactions
  • #2 Top Movers: Volume
  • #2 Largest Independents
  • #4 Closed Transaction Sides
  • #5 Closed Sales Volume
  • #5 The Billionaires’ Club

The REAL Trends 500

Real Trends is a ranking publication for real estate companies in North America. They’ve been crunching statistics for 32 years. They rank companies by closed transaction sides first, then by total sales volume.

As a national company (plus 3 Canadian Provinces), with more than 17,000 agents currently, eXp Realty is a “Top Mover” according to Real Trends.

eXp Realty is the 4th largest brokerage in the country, the 2nd largest independent brokerage. The vast majority of real estate companies are franchises, with local offices, so they can only grow to a certain extent. Of the few national companies, eXp was the first (and only) to operate in all 50 states and is poised to grow to several hundred thousand agents.

The Growth Behind the Numbers

What is particularly impressive behind the top-mentioned rankings is the year-over-year growth. Whereas most companies had negative growth, or minimal growth with a few having double-digit growth, eXp Realty had triple-digit growth.

  • #1 Top Mover = 298% increase over 2017
  • #2 Largest Independent Brokerage = 139% growth over 2017 in agent count
  • #4 Closed Transaction Sides = 198% growth
  • #5 Closed Sales Volume = 231% growth

eXp Realty is growing on a hockey stick curve. Also in Maryland. When we joined 3 1/2 years ago, we were the 6th agent in the state (husband and wife have one set of fees). Now we have over 275 agents in Maryland.

eXp CEO, Founder Glenn Sanford named to the first REAL Trends Game Changers List

The awards just keep coming. Glenn Sanford CEO and founder of eXp Realty and eXp World Holdings Inc. has been named to the first REAL Trends Game Changers list! The REAL Trends Annual Game Changer list is comprised of 50 industry professionals who have the potential to change the game of real estate in the coming year.

Disclaimer: This is not an official communication from eXp World Holdings, or it’s subsidiaries. Chris Highland is an independent contractor with eXp Realty.

About eXp World Holdings

eXp World Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPI) houses eXp Realty and eXp World Technologies, LLC, which operates the VirBELA platform and eXp World Marketplace.

eXp Realty is the first cloud-based real estate brokerage, the largest residential real estate brokerage by geography in North America, and the first and only real estate brokerage to operate as one brokerage in all 50 U.S. states. It is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage firms in North America with more than 17,000 agents across 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces. As a publicly traded company, eXp World Holdings uniquely offers real estate professionals within its ranks opportunities to earn company stock for production and contributions to overall company growth.


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