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EXP Realty Brokerage was Made for This

EXP Realty Brokerage was Made for This

eXp Realty Was Built for This

And by this, I mean disruption. Right now the Pandemic is THE disruption. In every industry. In every state. In every country. These are unprecedented times, to say the least.

As businesses shut down their brick and mortar offices in March due to the Corona virus, Covid-19, may people have been working from home, including real estate agents. As a society we’re experiencing new ways to work thanks to virtual tools.

In real estate, we’re selling homes with virtual tours, videos, and various face-time applications. Life goes on and people must move and buy and sell homes, regardless of the current hiccups. Yes, I think these times are a hiccup. 

We’re all doing things differently, learning virtual tools as we work remotely. We are juggling home life and work life. Employers across the country have remote workers for the first time ever. And you know what? Work is happening. We’re hearing that it’s even happening more effectively and efficiently for many industries. We have the available technologies to make it work. 

eXp Realty Has the Virtual Tools

Our company has been exclusively online for ten years. We’ve been using virtual tools to run our real estate businesses for years. We are nimble and agile and have been operating successfully with virtual tools for ten years. That’s why this shut down feels like a hiccup to us.

Our tools have made our real estate business seamless, even in the midst of this pandemic. Here are just a few:

Virtual Tools for Real Estate Clients

eXp Realty Preferred Partners is a program that provides agents and their clients with a marketplace for home-buying services. It also rewards eXp Realty agents for client referrals and gives home buyers and sellers a smoother transaction experience.

  • Express Offers is eXp Realty’s home-buying and selling platform for U.S. eXp Realty agents and their clients.
  • IntroLend First Cloud is eXp Realty’s national mortgage platform. It will provide U.S. agents and home buyers with all their lending needs as well as seamlessly integrate with eXp Realty’s existing technology to improve the consumer experience and better manage transactions.
  • Silverline Title will offer title, escrow and settlement services to eXp Realty residential clients in the United States.
  • America’s Preferred Home Warranty is eXp Realty’s preferred home warranty partner. It will allow eXp Realty’s U.S. home buyers and sellers to choose their own licensed contractors when repairing or replacing home systems and appliances.
  • Utility Connect allows eXp Realty buyers and sellers to manage, move, switch and compare utility and home service providers at no cost.
  • Currencies Direct is a simple solution for foreign homebuyers to exchange currency hassle-free and at a great exchange rate in order to complete their purchase of property in the United States.
  • eXp 360 Tours offers 360-degree home tours with video chat integration, enabling eXp Realty agents to create tours and floor plans in minutes and provide their clients with high-tech touring options.
  • Build A Sign provides U.S. eXp Realty agents with high-quality signage options at a discounted rate with no order minimums.
  • CE Shop –  eXp Realty Preferred Partner, The CE Shop, offers Online Real Estate Courses for Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep, Post-Licensing, and Continuing Education.

Virtual Tools for Business Management 

We’ve been using paperless contract management for a decade. Broker review of paperwork happens rapidly, and all our contracts are stored in the cloud.

Our payment processing systems are the best in the industry. You can get a check at the settlement table. Most of us can take a quick image of the check from our smartphone and instantly deposit the money.

Workplace by Facebook is our community hub. We have hundreds of interest groups with resources for whatever an agent needs. The social interaction revolving those interests is an added bonus that many agents love…got a question? ask the group. The cumulative wisdom and collaboration is unrivaled. 

Our virtual world, Verbela, allows us to enter any department as an avatar, sit down with staff and have our questions answered or problem solved instantly. No waiting for a returned call or email.

While many agents are experiencing some down time in business, they are taking advantage of more than 50 hours of education and mastermind opportunities each week. There is no better time to sharpen your ax than when the market is shifting.

eXp Realty is Experiencing Phenomenal Growth

Speaking of our virtual world, Virbela, eXp World Holdings has seen a huge increase of interest in Virbela from many companies. We’ve had several industries purchase the software for their own use, and many non-disclosed companies are in talks with this arm of the company. 

As we’ve expanded internationally, we exceeded 30,000 agents in June, a 50% increase year-over-year.

The health of our stock seems to indicate the health of our company is strong. With the continued growth in agent count, the interest in our virtual world, and the fact that our revenues keep growing, we see a bright future for eXp Realty.

eXp Realty Top Mover and Shaker

eXp Realty’s spectacular growth and success continue to be recognized, as our brokerage  landed in the top five of several categories of the elite 2020 REAL Trends 500 Report in March. These rankings are based on real estate transactions in the United States.

eXp Realty’s achievements include:

  • No. 1 Top Movers for Transactions — eXp was ranked No. 1 for the largest increase in closed sides from 2018 to 2019, going from 73,458 sides to 130,627, which is an increase of 77.8%.
  • No. 1 Top Independent — eXp was the No. 1 independent brokerage with 130,627 in closed transaction sides for 2019.
  • No. 2 Top Mover in Volume — eXp was ranked by largest increase in closed sales volume from 2018 to 2019, with an increase of 85.6%
  • No. 3 Closed Transaction Sides — eXp closed on 130,627 sides in 2019, which is a 77.8% increase over 2018’s sides of 73,458.
  • No. 4 Closed Sales Volume — eXp closed on $36,233,976,502 in sales volume in 2019 as compared to $19,523,826,266 in 2018, which is an increase of 85.6%.

Karen and I continue to feel like we made the best business decision of our real estate careers. We can’t wait to see how the company expands and succeeds in the wake of our current disruption. We were made for disruption…bring it on.

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