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Proven Fact: Blogging Gets Leads

Proven Fact: Blogging Gets Leads

Blogging Builds Your Business

Writing a blog helps your business grow in several ways.

  1. Consistently updating a blog on your website wins the approval of search engines, or as I call them, the Google Gods.
  2. Writing a blog answers questions that people have about real estate. If people have questions, many are searching the internet for answers.
  3. The content you post builds your brand.
  4. Your content can lead people down your funnel and into your lead capture methods, whether that is your property search, your home valuation, or best possible outcome: they might just pick up the phone!

Blogging Can Easily Fit Into Your Marketing Plan

The most common deterrent to blogging is that real estate agents don’t have the time. They mistakenly think that blogging takes a lot of time. It might at first, but once think of it as a part of your marketing, you get it into your schedule.

I think of it this way: it takes me about two hours a week to brainstorm, outline, fill in details, edit and create images to go with a blog post. Then it takes just a few minutes to promote on social media. If I were to pay myself $50 an hour, a decent amount, that is the equivalent of spending $100 on marketing. The difference is, that blog post is out there permanently, continuing to work for me, continuing to get leads. If I spend $100 on adds, once the money is used up, the work is done. No more lead generation.

Of course, I’m not saying it’s either/or. I’m illustrating the value.

In every business, it’s a proven fact that blogging increases your lead generation…certainly true in real estate. Check out these statistics:

(from Hubspot)

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