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Our Six Year Anniversary with eXp Realty

Our Six Year Anniversary with eXp Realty

I Can Definitely Say We Like it Here

In September 2021 we celebrated six years with eXp Realty. I can use the word “celebrate” with all truthfulness. We have thrived in ways that just haven’t been possible for us with any other brokerage…and I know, because I have had a sampling of may brokerage models over my 30 year real estate career. I have been with nationally known companies, and with local brokerages. I have managed offices for both large national companies and for small, local independent brokerages. You could say that I’ve been able to see the various brokerage models from the inside, management viewpoint.

Top Benefits to Affiliating with eXp Realty

There are many benefits that eXp Realty brings to us that surpass our experiences with previous brokerages. While it is hard to rank them, let me categorize them. The first of course, is the financial benefit (after all, that’s why we chose this career, right?)

Our Financial Wins

Since we have been affiliated at eXp Realty, we have earned many stock awards. eXp awards stock to agents upon their first transaction every year, and when they cap ($16,000 cap), and when an agent they have sponsored into the company has their first transaction. We have earned multiple shares in all three ways over our six years here. We have watched our very first shares, which were .60 cents each, increase in value to somewhere around $45 to $50 a share recently.

What an amazing benefit! What company awards agents with a piece of the company, just for doing their usual business?! it’s so much more than a pat on the back or a paper award certificate!

We have also participated in the discount stock purchase since we have been here…we purchase shares at a 10% discount with 5% of our commissions. Another thank you from the company for doing our business… just as we normally would and any company.

As well as these benefits, let’s not forget the low cap…$16,000. Over six years, that savings alone has netted us over $60,000 compared to most other companies.

Lastly, we are thrilled to receive our monthly revenue share! We consider this to be a number of referral checks from the company, based on the number of agents we have sponsored into eXp Realty, and includes the agents they have sponsored, all the way to the 7th level. Referral checks are not hard work, are they? These checks are from the company, as a way to say “thank you” for helping to grow the company.

Consider this: The money we make in revenue share exceeds our cap…we are being paid to be here. It’s not difficult to tell people about a company that you are thrilled to be affiliated with…a company that values you in real tangible ways…i.e. monetary awards.

Technology Benefits

We have been very happy with the suite of technology tools we get at eXp Realty…all included in our monthly fee of $85. KV Core has been a good source of internet leads, adding to our bottom line. It is a good, sticky website for consumers to look for homes for sale, or find out what their home may be worth, with smart and intuitive automatic follow-up messaging.

We have finally conquered paperwork! The suite of tools used to manage contracts and upload them to the staff has made our lives so much better! And, it is a bonus to get paid so easily and quickly!

The bricks and mortar office has been replaced at eXp, with a virtual world, called Virbela, which we own. We love the convenience of hopping into the eXp virtual campus as our avatar, clicking to the office, whether it be the accounting office or the technology, or to the broker’s office. There is no driving to the office, no sending emails and waiting for a response. There is not waiting on hold or leaving a message, to only wait a day to get a call back. This is an instant business, and we love getting instant help and answers!

Education and Collaboration

eXp Realty offers over 50 hours of live training during every week! We have benefitted from hearing from the best of the best in our company. Mega agents share there processes, business tips, and sales strategies with everyone in the company. Agents share their specialties, from video techniques, to best open house strategies, to scripts and dialogs for every aspect of the business that you can imagine. with an agent count over 67,000, we have a wealth of talent and experience from which to learn.

Since March of this year, eXp Realty has engaged Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. and its CEO, Grant Cardone, a New York Times best-selling author, star in Discovery Channel’s “Undercover Billionaire” reality show, recognized industry sales training expert, social media influencer and motivational speaker, to develop education and training programs for use across all eXp brands. eXp Realty agents have access to Cardone University® assets…for FREE!

Even though we have been in the real estate business for almost 30 years, there is always something to learn. We truly appreciate eXp Realty’s focus on continual learning and coaching. It is astonishing to us that this is offered to every agent free of charge. This company is truly dedicated to helping agents succeed, and rewarding them appropriately when they do.

“At eXp Realty, we’re committed to investing in our network of… agents with the best tools and resources to be successful,” said eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman, Glenn Sanford. “Having Grant as an extension of the eXp Realty agent development team along with the tools, challenges and mastermind opportunities that Grant and his organization has developed, we will be providing new ways for agents to ‘10X’ their mindset and their overall businesses.”

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