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The Benefits of ICON Status at eXp Realty Maryland

At eXp Realty we have a unique status called ICON, which comes with some amazing benefits. In most real estate brokerages, the big producers are recognized and rewarded. They bring a lot to the brokerage, both in income and in market share. They also bring that much desired “klout” to a brokerage.

Rewards and accolades are well deserved when an agent or team of agents does a stellar job. Hard work absolutely needs to be acknowledged, both for the top producer and to inspire those around.

eXp Realty has a recognition for top producers like no other I’ve ever seen in my 26 years of real estate practice. It’s called the ICON award. Instead of a plaque or paper award to hang on the wall, the ICON award is a different kind of certificate…it is a stock award. Right now, the stock award is the amount that the agent has paid into the company as their cap. $16,000! We currently have several agents who have been awarded ICON status in eXp Realty Maryland.

What Are the Requirements to Receive ICON Status?

At eXp Realty agents have an 80/20 split, until they reach the cap of $16,000. (This is roughly $80,000 GCI, or about 3 million in production) When an agent reaches the cap at eXp Realty, which means they have paid their $16,000, they get 100% of their production, less the transaction fee, which is also capped. (until their anniversary date)

Upon capping the agent receives a stock award. When an agent does an additional 20 transactions after capping, they are eligible for the ICON status. Agents may then apply for ICON status. They must be examples of the eXp Realty Core Values.

exp realty core values

See more details about the ICON Award.


If you are a top producer, please consider the worth of your paper certificate or engraved plaque compared to stock awards. Give me a call if you’d like in on this amazing opportunity. We’re looking for independent thinking, Business-Minded Maryland Realtors® who are early adopters and have an entrepreneurial mindset. Chris Highland, 301-401-5119.

eXp Realty is a publicly traded company. Check out EXPI on the Nasdaq.

*The award is not guaranteed to stay the same amount every year. As the company grows, the stock awards are subject to change.

Disclaimer: This is not an official communication from eXp World Holdings, or it’s subsidiaries. Chris Highland is an independent contractor with eXp Realty.