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eXp Realty Bought a Zillow Competitor!

eXp Realty Bought a Zillow Competitor!

eXp Realty Buys Zoocasa Realty, Inc

In July, eXp World Holdings, Inc. completed the purchase of Zoocasa Realty, Inc and it’s website,, the main property of the company. 

Zoocasa is a Toronto-based real estate portal and brokerage, offering a listings platform for home search. It includes a lot of data, and a connection to local real estate agents. exp Realty founder, Glenn Sanford has plans to expand Zoocasa offerings and technology throughout North America.

After spending some time on the Zoocasa website, we were impressed! This company is a Zillow competitor! The website has all the data that Zillow has: sold prices, new construction data, coming soon, market insights, map searches, and a section of deep market insights. 

Zoocasa Has the Potential to Compete with Zillow

As the company expands Zoocasa throughout North America, the data will include everything that Zillow has. We’re excited about what this means! With a presence in every state in the U.S. as a single brokerage, we have access to all the MLS data in the country. (as well as North America)

Some agents happily pay Zillow for leads, others dislike Zillow for taking our data and charging us for leads derived from that data. Whatever you may feel towards Zillow, they have done an excellent job of becoming the leader in the online real estate space…the 800 pound gorilla in the room!

We are excited to see where this goes…it seems like it could be our own “Zillow Fighter”! For years Glenn has said he would like to build something that has the potential to unseat Zillow as the leader in online real estate portals. We have high hopes that we just bought that tool!

For more information about eXp Realty, the fastest growing real estate company in history, Contact Us, or call 301-401-5119 for an honest, no pressure conversation. We are celebrating seven years at eXp this month, and are excited about the future of our company! You could own a piece of this amazing company.

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