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We Are All Connected

We Are All Connected

It’s a new world for your brand and your business, a digital one-screen world. The good news is, you can still apply marketing fundamentals to connect with your customers.

Right now, there are more people in the world with mobile subscriptions than there are people who have access to electricity. Isn’t that incredible?

The thing is, we are all hyperconnected these days. Even the most techno-phobic have smartphones.

At work and at home, chances are that you are using integrated devices that let you do multiple things from just one small digital tool. It’s becoming a one-screen world.

Real estate is no longer a “bricks and morter” industry, with greater than 92% of home buyers searching on the internet for their next home, their next lender, and their next real estate agent. Technology deeply affects real estate professionals.

Why? Because this new world isn’t really about technology. It’s about connection.

What Does It Mean to Be Connected?

The statement, we are all connected, doesn’t just have a spiritual meaning. It’s really coming true in the digital world.

The good news is, you can continue to look at this huge shift from the point of view of marketing fundamentals. If you do, you’re in good shape.

So what does this untethered hyper-connectivity mean for your brand and your business?

  1. Know who your people are. The people you sell to may not shift over time, but the world does, and people change their practices. This revolutionary new world of the integrated one-screen means you have more opportunities to have conversations and interactions online.
  2. Go where your people are. It does no good to market to people where they are not hanging out. People are spending more and more time on devices, so help them find you by being there too. A great starting point is to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. The same for your newsletter and whatever else you use to connect with your audience on a regular basis. Make sure as well, that your content looks great on mobile devices. Make sure your images are sized well, and that you make good use of white space with short paragraphs.
  3. Tell a great story. Great marketing is about great stories. If you create a story that engages people at the deepest emotional level, you could go viral with your message. There’s an opportunity for far more reach than we’ve ever had.
  4. It’s all about connection. Connect with your community by finding ways to interact with them. Passive approaches like ads and coupons aren’t as powerful anymore. Active approaches like online dialog are.

Be A Connector

In this one-screen world, in-person connection is not your only avenue for letting people know the value you offer. The digital world not only expands the number of people you can reach directly. Additionally, It expands your reach to the people who know those people.

It’s never been a better time for you to get the word out about what you offer. Help people find you by connecting with them where they are in a meaningful way.

We really are all connected.

Thanks to William Comacho, lender with First Home Mortgage, for this excellent guest post! Reach out to Will:

Will Camacho, Loan Originator: NMLS 1694746
Cell: 609.364.2280 | Direct: 443.679.1308  I  Personal
8638 Veterans Highway, Suite 300, Millersville, MD 21108

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