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What is Good Content?

What is Good Content?

Content is King

Content is king, we’ve been hearing that for several years, but is it still true now that we have the Semantic Web? Is Content Still King? I would propose that it is, not only for websites and blogs, but for Social Media. The best thing you can do to increase your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is to keep creating good content. The best thing you can do for your social media marketing and presence is to keep posting good content.

What is Good Content?

Good content is what keeps searchers and search engines coming back to your website. It is what brings value to your content-is-kingreaders and followers, and it is what sets you apart from the rest. The more value you bring to people, the more they will: find you, follow you, interact and engage with you, share your content, and remember you when they want to do business.

  • If you are providing the information that people want, and it answers their questions, then they will keep coming back.
  • If your website content is quality content, well-written and visually appealing, people will be happy to share your content. This includes quality articles, tutorials, videos, tips and information.
  • If your content is interesting, unique and relevant, people will come back.
  • If your content is organized well and easy to read, scan or navigate, people will come back.
  • If your content is quality content, the search engines will love it.

Creating good quality content takes time. It’s not a check in the box. That’s why a blog on your website is great SEO. Creating blog posts regularly, with information about your local community and about real estate transactions, and tips for home buyers and sellers is great content.

Keep your reader in mind as you create content. What are they interested in knowing? One thing is for certain, they are not interested in your sales pitch. The movie line really works here, If you build it… they will come.

You can create your own content, as in a blog or video, or you can share other content, like articles from other publications. Content can be positive and uplifting, like in a meme or quote. Content can be amusing and entertaining, informative and enlightening…whatever you decide to share, make sure that it is in line with your values and message.

Content is King… and Engagement is Queen 

If you build a website with good content, people and search engines will find it. If you post good content in your social media spheres, whether it is your own original content or other’s content, people will find it useful, informative and helpful. If people find it useful and helpful, those who are in a ready season for real estate decisions will engage with you around your content.

Engagement is important in today’s social media/search world, even as important as the content itself. As you prepare your content, whether it’s a written post, a short video, or an infographic, or a quick social media update… keep this in mind.

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